It’s definitely not the second Friday of the month, which is the day I usually open a new exhibit in the Museum of Me. But things have been a bit discombobulated around here lately; not so organized or calendar-focused. So . . . let’s just pretend that I’m right on time with this latest exhibit in the . . .

This month’s exhibit is supposed to be rather low maintenance. Just a childhood photo . . . that most captures the ME of today. Just one silly photo. That should be easy, huh? But, well. It’s really not.

While I’m lucky to have a fairly extensive stack of childhood photos to choose from, it’s tough to choose one that captures who I am NOW, all these decades later. Most of my childhood photos are not terribly representative of ME . . . because most of them are very posed. Often in front of pieces of furniture. Or a door. Or some Place Of Interest. I’m often with my sister, and we’re often all spiffed up in our fanciest clothes. And our hair is so often curled and “fixed,” which really didn’t happen that often.

Most of the photos of me as a child are passive (standing in front of furniture with my sister, for example). And I was an active kid; my hair was usually a tangle and I wasn’t sitting up straight and a lot of times I was DOING something. But you’d never know that from my childhood photos!

After combing through my stack, I think this might be the one that captures ME (now) . . . best.

It’s July 1966. I’m sitting on our back stoop (that’s what we called it) with my sister and our cat, Sylvester. I was 7 (between 1st and 2nd grades), and my sister was 4.

And just what makes this a photo that captures the ME of today . . . 56 years later?

Well. Mostly . . . it’s just me; authentic me. Like the real, kid-version of who I still am on a day-to-day basis. I’m not wearing fussy clothes. I’m not posed. My hair is not curled. It’s just pulled back to keep it out of my eyes. I have a bandaid. I’m squinting. And slouching. I’m tan from running around outside all the time. You can kinda tell that I’m ready to just take off for the day — full of energy and ideas; ready to launch myself into a new day. (I can tell it’s morning . . . because I’m wearing shoes and socks. By the end of the day, you can bet I was searching for them.)

Mostly, I’m just happy.

I was a happy kid, and I liked my kid-life. My family. My cat. My friends. My days.

And I think that’s mostly like the ME now . . .
Generally happy.
Full of ideas.
Ready to go.
Not fussy.
(Fewer bandaids now, though.)


How about YOU? Do you think you could find a childhood photo that captures who you are today? And what might it capture?


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