It’s really nice . . . when your hoped-for vision works out!

Let’s back up a little bit, and I’ll explain. Several years ago, I chose four new doors for our house-exterior-redo (you can see that “reveal” here). Three of the new doors are just . . . regular, boring, utilitarian doors. But our front door? I wanted that one to be more special. Here it is . . .

I chose it because . . . I liked the window a lot. And I thought the “grid” design worked well the exterior of our house. But the thing that really, truly drew me to the door? It was this . . .

Each of those little grids? Prisms! And I knew that in the winter months, those prisms would catch the light as the sun started to sink slowly into the west . . . ¬†and give me some much-needed MAGIC on my walls. It doesn’t work that way in the summer months because the sun sets at a different angle. But now that it’s winter?

I’ve got some magic!

This door . . . and its magical prism-windows . . . will bring me so much joy during these winter months.

Just like I’d hoped it would.

It’s so nice when reality . . . matches your vision.
I wish you all a good weekend, filled with magic.