It’s hard to believe . . . but it’s nearly time for our Read With Us spring 2024 discussion day!

Yes, friends. Next Tuesday – June 11 – Bonny and Carole and I will be hosting the discussion for this quarter’s book selection, How to Say Babylon by Safiya Sinclair. As usual, we’ll be posting discussion questions on our blogs next Tuesday, followed by an evening Zoom book discussion at 7:00 Eastern time.

If you’d like to join us for the Zoom, please RSVP either here in the comments OR by email. (There is a quick reservation link here.) I’ll be sending out the Zoom invitation next Monday afternoon.

Be sure to visit the Read With Us page for all kinds of information about the book. You’ll find a brief synopsis, author information, and links to book reviews and author interviews. This time we’ve also included information on the culture of Rastafari, a Reggae playlist, and Safiya’s poem Silver. Check it out!

I hope you’ll join us to talk about the book next week!