. . . and Gittin’ $h*t Done.

Okay. True confession. I am GREAT when it comes to meeting a deadline. Every time. All my life. In fact, I have met every deadline I’ve ever needed to meet. No questions asked.

That said . . .

When it comes to things that can be done . . . well . . . any time? As in things you might like to take care of, but you don’t actually have to take care of? That stuff? It accumulates for me. On lists. In piles on my desk. Carried around in my head. (And I’ve tried “setting deadlines” on that kind of stuff. They’re not “real deadlines, though. And I know it.*)

Every once in a while, though, I just call UNCLE on myself and decide to Git. $h*t. Done. And right now? The time has come! I’ve got my master list. I’ve set aside the time. And I am Doing It.

Which means . . . there isn’t a lot of blogging “content” in my life at the moment. I mean, who wants to hear about cleaning my watercolor palettes (something I’ve put off for years; such a tedious job that I actually bought a new palette to avoid cleaning my old palette). (Yeah. I know.) Who wants to take a trip to Goodwill with me? (No one. Ever.) Shred a box of documents? (Again. I am on my own here.) Shop for a new up-north refrigerator? Dig through to the very bottom of my (actual, not email) inbox and deal with the (actual, not digital) documents lingering there? Finally measure for, and then order, blinds for my patio sliders? Tackle my sewing room?

(And the list goes on, my friends.) (Exciting stuff.)

So. Now you know.
I’m taking care of business this month.
And blogging may be slow.

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.”
— William James


*In Gretchen Rubin’s “four tendencies” structure, I am a Questioner. And this is classic Questioner behavior. When I decide something has a deadline, it has a deadline . . . and I meet it. But if I haven’t decided it has a deadline (yet) . . . I probably won’t. It’s all in the deciding.