Because I can’t bear to give you another update on my Cardigan of Tedium (spoiler alert: I’m still slogging away on the second sleeve), I thought I’d tease you with my “incentive project.”

As in . . . what’s going to get me through that sleeve. And . . . well. February, too.

Yeah. Day-glo!

When I saw this new design last week, I just knew . . . if anything could keep me inspired to keep knitting that (damn) sleeve . . . and if anything could get me through the dreariness of February . . . it would be a cowl featuring day-glo flower power motifs! (Doesn’t it remind you of . . . oh, your 7th grade locker décor???)

Now all I have to do . . . is finish that cardigan . . . so I can color my world!


How about YOU? What are you working on this week?