Currently, I’m a bit scrambled with weather-whiplash. Until last week, I would have said that this “spring” was a chilly one; slow-to-arrive. But then – overnight – summer arrived. For a whole week. Today? It’s snowing. (And I am completely serious.) So . . . from the 40s to the 80s to the 30s. All in 7 days. It’s a scramble.

My garden is exploding! My closet’s a mess. (Because it’s obviously too early to switch out the sweaters.) (But I also need shorts just in case.) My garden is exploding! JoJo is uncomfortable. (It got too hot too quickly for her to adapt — plus she hasn’t shed her winter coat yet.) And did I mention . . . my garden is exploding!

It’s seasonal whack-a-mole here.
How am I distracting myself?

Well, currently . . .


I’m reading . . . like it’s my job. After years of thinking about it, I finally “applied” to receive advance reader copies (ARCs) of books through NetGalley. If you’re selected to read a book, the publisher sends you an unproofed version of the book prior to the publication, and your “job” . . . is to read it and write/publish a review. I know a lot of you already do this, but I’ve been a hold out . . . until now. I’ve just started receiving ARCs, so . . . I’m reading like it’s my job!

My first ARC . . . was The Covenant of Water (coming out in May) by Abraham Verghese, and I was really excited to read it — because I adored his earlier book, Cutting for Stone. This one, though? Not as good. And really long, to boot. Then, I got to read Ann Patchett’s new one, Tom Lake (coming out in August), and oh, my . . . it’s wonderful.

And . . . I have a couple more waiting in the wings. (It could be a far worse “job” . . . )



And I’m watching some TV. Tom and I usually get together every night to watch some TV before heading to bed. Like pretty much everyone we know right now, we’re eagerly waiting for the latest Ted Lasso episode to “drop” every Wednesday night. And we loved Daisy Jones and the Six. We’ve also just started watching Tiny Beautiful Things – although I’m not sure that one is hitting the right notes for Tom (we’ll see. . . ).

One show we both really liked, though, was Shrinking. We gave it a try because it’s written/produced by some of the Ted Lasso group (including Brett Goldstein, who plays Roy Kent). It’s good . . . with that same great-characters, tight-writing, refreshing-dialog, feel-good-vibe “thing” that Ted Lasso has. Plus Harrison Ford. Really worth watching. We highly recommend it!



And I’m listening to some music. Several years ago, Tom stumbled onto a series of three albums (Under the Covers Volumes 1, 2 and 3) on Spotify while he was looking for something else. Under the Covers . . . is, as you might guess by the title, a series of covers “covered” by Matthew Sweet (of Girlfriend fame) and Susanna Hoffs (formerly of The Bangles; you know . . . “just another manic Monday” . . . ). Anyway. Volume 1 contains songs from the 60s, Volume 2 from the 70s, and Volume 3 (you probably are seeing the pattern here. . . ) from the 80s. The albums are really fun – and Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoff as a duo really works. We listened to these albums quite a lot for a while, with Volume 2 on particularly heavy rotation.

Well. Last week, I stumbled onto them again as I was looking for something to listen to while weeding. And then . . .  all three volumes became the soundtrack of my week! If you like good covers, you might want to give these a listen.


And today? Well. I guess today I’ll just try to catch up on some inside chores . . . because gardening in the snow is just not very fun, y’know?

How about you? What are you up to . . . mid-month?