So. Um. Here we are . . . MID-September.

Yes. Can you believe it?
As in HALF of September is already gone. Which means we’re already HALF-way to October.

And this is just . . . totally unfathomable to me.
But there we are.

At mid-month, I’m dealing with some low-level unpleasantness . . .

  • seasonal allergies (hello, fall)
  • day 5 of a dog with diarrhea (that would be JoJo)
  • an uncooperative and cranky old man (that would be my dad)
  • and long-ignored to-do list items (my own fault)

What’s helping?

Good TV! Tom and I usually sit down and watch some TV together after dinner. What’ve we been watching lately? Van der Valk (season 3) recently dropped on Masterpiece Theater (PBS). And we’re finally getting around to watching Unforgotten (also on Masterpiece Theater/PBS). While there is a new season of Unforgotten “unfolding” on PBS, we’re still watching the early seasons and getting caught up. Both shows are entertaining, and highly recommended.

Good music! Lately, I’ve been listening to Jon Batiste’s World Music Radio . . . on repeat. It’s really good. Give it a listen. . . if you’re not already a fan.


Fun products! First . . . I’ve got Miracle Balm from Jones Road Beauty. This stuff . . . well. It just kept popping up on my Instagram feed. And I kept ignoring it. I’m not much into “makeup.” I don’t want to fuss. I’m fine with my face as it is. I didn’t really pay attention. And then . . . I did. And I caved. I watched a couple of videos about the product, and decided to give it a try. And you know what? I really, really like it! It doesn’t give a “made-up” look. It just adds a nice glow — and a perfect amount of moisturizer. It feels good. It looks natural. I’m sold!

Then . . . I’ve got my new, fun, inspirational workout shirts from Old Lady Gains!  (Also . . . thanks to Instagram, I’m afraid.) These shirts are fun, they fit really well, they’re super comfortable, and . . . did I mention fun? If you’re looking for some inspirational old-lady-themed workout gear? This is the place!


And that’s where I am . . . at mid-month!


DON’T FORGET! Bonny, Carole, and I will be discussing this quarter’s Read With Us selection on TUESDAY, September 19 on our blogs — and with a Zoom discussion at 7:00 pm (Eastern time). I’ll be sending out the Zoom invitation on Monday afternoon, so be sure to RSVP before then. You can click on the link in the sidebar (either from my home page or on the Read With Us page) to send me an email/RSVP. (Or you can just comment on this post.) I hope you can join us! It’s sure to be an interesting discussion!