Every once in a while, I like to ask you a question or two. And I’ve got one for you today.

It was last October when I launched my Monthly Fitness Challenge (can you believe that? a whole year of fitness challenges already?), and I’ll be posting my new challenge for you in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’ve been wondering how you’re doing in your fitness/movement life? Specifically, I’d like to know . . .

What is ONE fitness or movement related thing that you can do NOW . . .  that you didn’t/couldn’t do a year ago?

Your answer does NOT need to be related at all with my monthly fitness challenges (although if it does, COOL). But it should be something physical that you can do now . . . that you couldn’t do a year ago.

Maybe you’ve established a regular walking routine. Maybe you can bend over and tie your shoes. Maybe you can get up and down off the floor a bit more easily. Or do a plank. Or turn a cartwheel. Maybe you skip every day. Maybe it’s Kegels or stretches or picking up some dumbells or lifting your arms over your head.


I want to know!
I’d love to hear your fitness/movement story!