This week, I’ve finally gotten around to switching out my “winter clothes” for my “summer clothes” — with some bonus closet organization and “re-thinking” (culling, actually) while I’m at it. In the doing, I am faced with an absolute glut of . . . beautiful shawls and scarves. Most of them are hand knit, but there are also special gifts and souvenirs in the mix.

I mean, I’m talking . . . a full-to-bursting dresser drawer of shawls. And a bin in my closet that is also bursting with shawls. And a designated “hanging area” in my closet for more of my scarves and shawls. (And ohmygod, there are two more bins in my downstairs coat closet, housing my “outdoor collection” of hats-cowls-scarves-mittens ready for quick access as I head out the door.)


I love them all! I wear most of them (on a somewhat rotating basis), although I do have my special favorites that I tend to turn to on the regular.

I clearly have . . . enough. More than enough. But . . . ohmygod I seem to keep knitting more OF them.

I do . . . knit for others. I do . . . donate lovely-but-unused shawls to non-profit fundraising auctions (mostly the lace ones; I rarely wear lacy anything). I do drape lovely shawls over the backs of chairs — just to have one handy “in case,” or because I just like the look of it. I have been known to just take a shawl off and hand it over to a friend who gushes over how-much-they-love-it-but-could-never-make-one-for-themselves. My kids have flat out told me that they do not need more hats/scarves/shawls/mittens at this time. (They do not want their own closets to look like mine.) (I will note that they are always eager to accept futzy little holiday knits, though.)

Hi. It’s me. I’m the problem, it’s me.
So, I’m . . . asking for a . . . friend . . .

  • Does this happen to you?
  • Do you also house a glut of hand knits?
  • What do you DO with all the things you knit?


And, speaking of making . . . what are you working on this week? (Because – of course – I’m working on a shawl. LOL and all that.) (I’ll show it to you next week.)