Join me this week of Thanksgiving . . . as I focus on gratitude.

Essential Gratitude
by Andrea Potos

Sometimes it just stuns you
like an arrow flung from some angel’s wing.
Sometimes it hastily scribbles
a list in the air: black coffee,
thick new books,
your pillow’s cool underside,
the quirky family you married into.

It is content with so little really;
even the ink of your pen along
the watery lines of your dimestore notebook
could be a swiftly moving prayer.

Thanks so much for being here. For reading what I have to say, and for sharing your thoughts with me.
Happy Thanksgiving.
May you find much to be grateful for today . . .  and every day.


I discovered this poem in How to Love the World: Poems of Gratitude and Hope, edited by James Crews, published by Storey Publishing, 2021. More information about the poet, Andrea Potos, can be found here.