First off, I’m pleased to announce that my Stupid Streak seems to have ended.

(JoJo cannot stay out of my photos. Whenever I lay my knitting on the ground, she immediately poses with it.)

I am making steady (although still sloggishly slow) progress on my Pressed Flowers cardigan. As you can see in JoJo’s photo there, I’ve just got the last little bit of the upper front to do, and the body will be complete. Once I hit that milestone, though, I think I’m going to take a little break.

I need a change of pace.
(Which is shorthand for . . . something-else-caught-my-eye.)

Because nothing says “Knitting in December” to me . . . quite like a totally futzy, fiddly little something.

Stay tuned!


How about you? What are you up to, making-wise, this week?