December . . . is not always an easy month. If you are missing someone . . .  or grieving someone . . . or dealing with a loss. . .  or bad news . . . or painful memories, December can be really difficult.

Maybe the loss is fresh. Or maybe it’s years-old. Maybe you think you’re settled and fine . . . until you pull something out of a box or hear a song or flip through recipes . . . and “sneaky grief” comes rushing in.

Grief . . . is grief. And it tends to hit many of us during these dark and cold months. Often, right in the midst of joyful celebration.

Today’s advent post is an acknowledgement of all of us who suffer (at least part of the time) in December. I see you all. I wish you a light in the darkness.

On Those Days
by Donna Ashworth

On those days
when you miss someone the most

as though your memories
are sharp enough
to slice through skin and bone

remember how they loved you.

Remember how they loved you
and do that
for yourself.

In their name
in their honour.
Love yourself
as they loved you.

They would like that.

On those days
when you miss someone the most
love yourself harder.

I “scrolled” upon this poem on Instagram. The poet, Donna Ashworth, is UK-based (Scotland), and has written many books of poetry that resonate wildly with people. The poem I shared today is from her book, Loss: Poems to Better Weather the Many Waves of Grief. I hope it provides some comfort for you today.


If you’re wondering what this “advent calendar” is all about, you can read my “intro” post here.