One thing that always brings me comfort and joy . . . is music. I have quite a “soundtrack” I’ve curated for my life, actually, depending on my mood and what I’m up to. When I’m in a thoughtful or reflective mood, or when I’m working on “things” that require my focus, I prefer a softer, instrumental soundtrack for myself.

I can’t exactly remember when or where I first heard the music of Trace Bundy, but . . . I’ve been a big fan for nearly 20 years. If you haven’t heard of him (or heard his music), you are in for a treat today!

Please, in the spirit of this advent calendar, take the next 7-and-a-half minutes . . . and experience the magic of Trace Bundy with this delightful video. Let the comfort and joy wash over you.


Ready to hear more?

  • You can watch all kinds of Trace Bundy performances and videos on his You Tube channel.
  • Or you can listen to his entire catalog on Spotify (you’ll find his “artist” link below).


Before you move on with your day, here’s one last video for you. Trace Bundy explains the backstory of this particular piece this way . . .

“I wrote the song Missile Bell after visiting some remote villages in Guatemala & El Salvador with the organization We heard the story of a group of villagers that got caught in the middle of a harsh civil war, and fled as refugees. Years later, they returned to rebuild their village, and in the process, they decided to use a missile casing as their church bell. It was a brave symbolic act to take a traumatic part of their past and transform it into something beautiful. That story has been powerful in shaping my thoughts on hope and redemption, and my belief that love is always stronger than fear.”
— Trace Bundy

I find such comfort and joy in Trace Bundy’s music. I hope you will, too.
May it be your day’s delight.


If you’re wondering what this “advent calendar” is all about, you can read my “intro” post here.