Elfje (X3)

Pattern:   Elfje

Designer:   Susan B. Anderson

Yarn:  Various yarns in my stash (including Barrett Wool Co. Woolens, Koigu scraps, and some silk stuff I had no business using for this project)

Finished: December 20, 2022

More details on my Ravelry project page.

Other Notes:   These guys are just . . . Futsy Fun! I love these quirky little elves. (And, really, your knitting life isn’t complete until you turn a heel on a tiny elf shoe!) Another excellent design by Susan B. Anderson. Clear directions, charming results.

Hint: Choose more “rustic” yarns (I’d recommend 100% wool). I wanted to have gold mittens/shoes on one of my elves, but the yarn scrap I grabbed out of my stash had some silk in it. Lovely yarn . . . just too floppy to make a nice elf shoe.