Among The Wildflowers

You belong among the wildflowersYou belong in a boat out at seaYou belong with your love on your armYou belong somewhere you feel free
— Tom Petty, Wildflowers

Pattern/Kit: Hand Flower Embroidery Bag Kit (Etsy link)

Designer: AlisaHandicrafts (Etsy link)

Thread: DMC Embroidery Floss (various colors); mostly 3-strands

Finished: August 1, 2023

Notes: I ordered the kit from Etsy in March 2023 (inspired by an Instagram ad, of all things). The kit arrived quickly, and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the bag, materials, and instructions. That said, I lost the instruction sheet and just did my own thing (which I probably would have done anyway). I added the pocket “surprise inside” detail because Tom Petty’s song, Wildflowers, ran through my head the whole time I was stitching the bag. Although I had planned to embroider flowers along the bottom of the pocket (under the words), it was just too difficult to get my needle into that area to stitch comfortably — so I just added an appliqué I had on hand. (Just gonna say . . . that appliqué looks pretty cheesy in my photo. It looks better in real life.) I’m really pleased with how the bag turned out, and I look forward to using it!